I wanted to go with the less incendiary “You Lived.” But everyone else loved, “You didn’t die,” bc A) it’s an authentic example of SurvivorThink, and B) it’s a quote from my Precious Mommy. This is a Survivorship 101 “How To” Handbook. $20 on Amazon – always non profit. This is what’s inside: Welcome to Survivorship 101
If you didn’t die and you’re wondering what to do next, this book is for you. Specifically, it’s for Marlene – because she survived TWICE and there’s still a whole lot of living left to do. I got my friends to help me write this book to prove a point – Recovery is a Team Sport.
I survived a Cataclysmic Medical Event in 2011. When the dust settled I looked around me and began my adventures in RecoveryLand. Over the past 7 years I realized that “Learning How” has grown into “Shredded Grace.” FYI, we’re all Surviving SOMETHING. But even if you wouldn’t call yourself a Survivor you know one, or you will.
Learning How books are always Non Profit.
1. Introduction – Welcome to the Club
2. Is it Ok that you lived? Decision Day – Ruth
3. There’s No Crying in Baseball – Why walking is SCARY but you should do it Anyway
4. How to Cultivate Survivor GRIT – Matt Hankey
5. The Problem of Pain
6. Best Foot Forward – How to Use a Medical Resume
7. I’ll Fly Away – Mental Health Issues – the Marine
8. The Power of Possibility – A Practitioner Pep Talk – Coach Randy
9. How to Find Help – Trainer David
10. Why Survivors Have Body Image Issues – Jessica Smurfette, RD
11. The Measure of Success – Matt Hankey
12. The Bossy and Sassy Show – How to Choose a Medical ID – Megan
13. We Can Hear You – What to do when Someone You Love is Asleep in the Hospital
14. Champion
#avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive#shreddedgrace

December 21, 2016

14. The Handbag Story

Boo Boo carries the UGLIEST handbag ever.

God rescues me from a lifetime of anger and bitterness.  

Yeah - this whole thing didn't make sense to me, either, when I woke up.  But since I'm the one who doesn't have to deal with the anger/bitterness but gets to participate in a miracle instead, I'm going with it.


More Info:  IHeartRecoveryLand.com --> Decision Day


A really long voicemail for Coach Randy.  Matt's doing great.   Please help us keep him in the pool. www.ShreddedGrace.

I updated this one.  If you already listened to the old one, the update begins at 9.53.

December 21, 2016

12. Career Changing

I LOVED being vegan.  SO THERE, David :).  I changed careers bc Daddy told me to go back to school and "get some REAL skills."  ROTFLOL.  Direct quote.   Not even kidding.  But all of my education and training was geared towards This Disabled Life.  Coincidence?  I think not.

December 21, 2016

11. Prayer Detox for beginners

Thank you to my friends. 268. Prayer Detox for Beginners on my blog.  iheartrecoveryland.com --> Blog

December 21, 2016

10. How I met Sassy Smurf

God made sure Sassy Smurf and I were in the hospital at the same time in 2011 so we could be friends for life.  He chose someone exactly like me (except she's a lot nicer) - same interests, same sense of humor etc. so I wouldn't be scared.  When the Word became flesh, He did the same thing - He came as a baby.   Babies need to be held.  No one's going to be scared of a baby.  

December 8, 2016

9. Life Is My Sport

In my world we avoid the language of medical certainty like the plague.  But in July 2014 Coach Randy didn't offer me a prognosis, he made me a promise:  

R:  I'm going to make an athlete out of you.

Me: (Internal)  That's sweet but I don't believe you bc I don't believe anything you say.  Not bc you're an idiot, or bc I'm mean, I just don't believe anything ANYONE says.  

Ok, maybe I'm a litte mean.

FF to July 2015: Life is my Sport.  Listen to the story and buy the book. Buy ALL the books on Amazon.  They are always non profit and online sales will help Matt Walk again.



December 7, 2016

8. You SMELL!!

The Johnsons (my missionary friends from Burundi) are here and Jesse talked about the fragrance of Christ on Sunday.

Please use a medical resume to invite the highest level of care into your healthcare situation.  There are big decisions ahead for a friend of mine with a Brain Tumor.  Decision Making like this is kind of awful.  But be encouraged by the pattern of how God does things.  And sometimes you just gotta sit down in the fire bc there's no where else to sit.  Just make sure you know and are comfortable with the nature of the flame.



No surgery, at least for now!  My surgeon's original ideal scenario seems to be panning out bc I put Coach Randy in charge of my Physical Therapy and I feel a lot better, so I'm not going to have surgery, but if I need help in the future I know where to go.  Meanwhile, Andy Frankenstein (PT6, the guy who taught me to walk 5 years ago) taught me how to use my new walker correctly.  :)  Thanks, Andy!!

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